Friday, August 26, 2005


My typical Weekday algorithm in Bangalore

Hey guys..just a rant about a usual working day..if anyone wants to know where i will be in a week day..this is a good guide..he he

1)7:45 AM -start hearing early morn sounds in half sleep

2)7:50 AM -open one eye and look for the remote and watch the last ten minutes of "hollywood squares"

3)8:00 AM :- watch 15 minutes of "whose line is it anyway"

4)8:15 AM :- ponder over whether I should be going to work

5)8:16 AM :- Picture my boss with a pink papyrus and a golden handshake..rush to the bath.

6)8:24 AM :- Out of Bath and suddenly realise i didnt brush

7)8:27 AM :- Give Anwin and Naveen a disgusted look , still sleeping (their office starts

8)8:28 AM :- take stairs two at a time for two floors and reach the car.

9)8:29 AM :- take stairs three at a time and run upstairs to fetch the car keys.

10)8:32 AM:- take a 6KM drive to office..mostly I find myself behind the leaning busses of Bangalore, Auto's who dont realise that people can't see their hand when they are making turns!, motorcyclists who want to poke their tyres noses in every crack and makes me want to shove something up theirs!

11)8:45 AM:- Stuck at NGEF junction..Play songs with the most expletives.

12)8:55 AM:- Stuck at CV Raman Nagr junction.

13)9:05 AM:- At office 5 minues late..yup it takes me 35 minutes to get to office on an average!!! and its only 6 KM' do the math!

14)9:10 AM:- switch on takes ages because of my very special collection of viruses and ad-sites.

15)9:15 Am:- Act busy!! check mail, look at blog updates etc etc

16)9:45 AM:- Start actual work

17)10:30 AM:- ThenRaj(on his way to work) calls me for coffee and we typically end up in cafe day or barrista(bugger has expensive taste!)..Both of us get the same mild cardiac arrest after the bill comes and proceed back.

18)1:5 PM:- ThenRaj calls again and reminds me that we need another cardiac arrest for we wind up in Nala(south Indian joint, try their mutton egg chops) or wanleys or our friendly neighbourhood Kerala hotel(good kerala food, try the fish there).

19)1:45 PM:- Back to work..

20)1:46 PM:- All work and no play makes Anoop a dull its dominoes and chess and pool on yahoo.

21)2:15 PM:- Back to breaks after that.

22)4:30 PM:- ThenRaj calls for tea..I, politely give him the finger and get back to work.

23)7:00 PM:- going home time!!!!

24)7:45 PM:- Home at last!..settle down to watch some TV

25)8:30 PM:- Order/buy dinner for everyone at home..had to kick out our last cook cuz she made "auto" shankar, veerappan etc look like petty thieves!

26)9:30 PM:- Mom calls and reminds me that I have to go to church on sundays( she does this everyday..and yet I forget it on sunday..I must be really selective in my amnesia)

26)10:30 PM:- The night owl's Naveen and Anwin come home. We share ALL our experiences during the day.

27)10:30 PM and 35 sec later, flick thru channels again

28)12:00 PM:- zzzzzzzzzz

Only one question:

Do you use a PDA to keep track of all the things you do everyday?
You wrote em down as u did em....heehe did that sound different in some way?
Well, seems to be same most of the days...but i think you should have by hearted the timings by now. Hehe...Atleast the cardiac arrrest should tell you.
Well flame/deaths/karthik ..some days are more pathetic than others..This day was an actual hoot!..he he
Hey, I get to watch the last 15 mins of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?". Spooky!
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