Monday, August 22, 2005


Blogbang the gang invites you

Okay, sorry guys I couldn't resist that title.

Anyway, anyone from Bangalore or in Bangalore and with an avid interest in Bangalore as a city can leave a comment for this post and I will invite them to this blog.

Please remember guys this is all about collective work and fun. Yes, we could have lots of fun as a big group, meet new people and do something worthwhile for the City, Every man's City, Bangalore. So it is much appreciated if stories and poems are avoided, unless of course they contain a message contributing to the general idea and aim of this blog "BANGALORE.

And we love you all.

I put in the shoutbox.


Yes, definitely 45% 9

No, not necessary 35% 7

Maybe, guess it won't hurt 20% 4

So, there you are. When more people are online we can always use the shoutbox to chat with each other. Nifty, huh?
My application ;-)

Name: Swaroop

Hi Dude!

My email id is

blog id:

add me to everymanscity blog if u can.

May be we could FIRST do something about the autodrivers...pleeeeaaase. Check my blog for the war cry!
Dont think theres anythin very positive to write about Bangalore these days..any good reading should be great
aah! me too!
Sorry for the delayed response. Would love to post here.

Forgot to add my e-mail id. It's
way to go. I missed the last meet but will surely join for the next.
I'd love to join the blog :)
Will you add me in?


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