Friday, August 18, 2006


We hate India

Now that I've got your attention!!!

Wabbster brought this "community" in Orkut that's labelled, yes you've guessed it, We Hate India to my knowledge when I was as usual wasting my time on the Internet. . All those on Orkut please go and take a look and all those who are not may consider joining for a peek. Contrary to popular opinions, I didn't get angry or upset. But it sure tickled me no end. I was literally on the floor, laughing and holding on to my stomach for dear life.

That was a very wierd reaction, I know.

But thinking about it, I thought, yeah, cool. I am right. Its a pathetic, even if its bold, attempt at spite. And what got me on the floor again, and more than a little concerned, I am afraid, was the scrap book of the "H/ZERO" who had created the post. It was full of expletives and such against this person.

Introspection brought me back to my feet (from the floor, I mean). Is it worth shouting at somebody in such language (although I do it most of the time, hypocrite)? I mean aren't we wasting our time and energy against something that doesn't matter in the long run? It's just somebody's misguided enthusiasm or spite that brought out this "community". Wouldn't we be fighting or protesting even better and maturedly if we ignore it completely?

I must say that I am almost completely in agreement with Wabbster's take on this commmunity and the mail he received from a "Dave".


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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Another year....

Incidentally I just turned another year over today.....nothing special otherwise......thanks for the wishes guys.....

Damn, its comfortable to be at nothing...use up the new internet connection...awesome....


Another year...

Hehe, I am at home.....just got a new broadband am testing it and incidentally, turned a year more today.....aargh, life keeps moving on....needed a break from work so am here doing nothing.....

Did and had nothing special today.....met Anwin in the morning and we had some work to do....came back home...had lunch....nothing else....thanks for all the wishes guys...and gals..!!

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