Sunday, February 05, 2006


Trippy thoughts! :)

Intimidating and scary, yet inviting and enticing, this small semi-circle stretch of tarred road hold a special place in the hearts of most girls of Bangalore, while it brings an excited cheer in the hearts among the Bangalore boys. The Mount Carmel College drive way is definitely a historic place amidst any college go-er in Bangalore.

Spanning not more than a few hundred meters, this drive way is symbolic of all that you’d find in Mount Carmel College. Split into two halves, the drive way has the front drive and the back drive. Both these halves present diametrically opposite pictures of the college. While the front drive holds view the studious crammers, busy completing record books and discussing math formulae, with girls from the science stream, the back drive is a picture apart! This has girls with a completely laid back attitude, without caring a wee bit of the people around them; you’ve the girls of the arts and commerce streams discussing everything possible under the sun.

This more boisterous bunch on the back drive is that which drives every Bangalore boy crazy and intimidated, for when a member of the opposite sex enters the college, you hear some vehement ‘Adam teasing’.

Classrooms apart, the Carmelite spends most time of her college days here, making this stretch pretty nostalgic when one talks about this to any alumnus from the college.

A distinct attraction apart from the obvious beauties on this drive way is the dogs you find, being pampered by the students. These dogs in turn act all chivalrous and frighten the daylights of any male visitor in the campus. (This’d definitely make everyone rethink on calling the dog a man’s best friend.)

Nostalgia, fun, zestfulness, excitement, last minute-cramming and more, this drive way truly symbolizes all that makes a college!

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