Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Freedom Curbed, Freedom Jammed

Freedom Jam happened last saturday, 10 days after the date it was supposed to happen.

As we all know Freedom Jam is a yearly show happening on Aug 14th to celebrate (whatever) Independance Day. And the most important part is...its supposed to be an ALL NITE concert. Well...thanks to our great cops and whoever I have no idea about, this year it happened from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

First, they take away our fun and then they curb our freedom. Man, it just pissed me off to no end when I heard the timings.

Everything included, it still was a great place to be. Great bands and a big hifi for the Indian Rock scene.

To my credit, I got lost only twice this time.

Monday, August 29, 2005



Everyman's City

LIFE-What does it mean?? Is it the way that every human being in this world is living or want to live??

I got a SMS some time back and i want to share it..

"Somebody once asked GOD ,What suprises you most about mankind?.God replied.. they lose their health to make money and then lose their money to restore their health. By thinking anxiously about the future they forgot the present..such that they live neither for the present nor for the future."

Every human being in this world especialy indians are going through different stages whether they want or not like.

Here i am going to tell how a male transformed through out his life.

When the child is born till he complete his college life he has to live according to the likes and dislikes of his parents.(say 0.1 to 21yrs).

Next stage is the bacheorhood:When he finishes his studies he has to choose his livings whether he wants or not.that means job.So at this point of time only a man started to think about his own life. When he started to live for himself there will lot of distractions either in the form of siblings who want his attention over them or girlfriend who occupies his whole time for her entertainment.So here again a person is not able to live for himself.

Next stage Marriage: Between 25-30 yrs of age almost every person in india is tend to tie with a girl either of his choice r by parents (simply termed as attempt sucide or planned murder).After this he has to life for the others like wife and children.

He realise and find the true life when he is in the second childhood at that point of time he can not decide abything by himself.

PS: Am also a victim for this cycle of life.

Friday, August 26, 2005


My typical Weekday algorithm in Bangalore

Hey guys..just a rant about a usual working day..if anyone wants to know where i will be in a week day..this is a good guide..he he

1)7:45 AM -start hearing early morn sounds in half sleep

2)7:50 AM -open one eye and look for the remote and watch the last ten minutes of "hollywood squares"

3)8:00 AM :- watch 15 minutes of "whose line is it anyway"

4)8:15 AM :- ponder over whether I should be going to work

5)8:16 AM :- Picture my boss with a pink papyrus and a golden handshake..rush to the bath.

6)8:24 AM :- Out of Bath and suddenly realise i didnt brush

7)8:27 AM :- Give Anwin and Naveen a disgusted look , still sleeping (their office starts

8)8:28 AM :- take stairs two at a time for two floors and reach the car.

9)8:29 AM :- take stairs three at a time and run upstairs to fetch the car keys.

10)8:32 AM:- take a 6KM drive to office..mostly I find myself behind the leaning busses of Bangalore, Auto's who dont realise that people can't see their hand when they are making turns!, motorcyclists who want to poke their tyres noses in every crack and makes me want to shove something up theirs!

11)8:45 AM:- Stuck at NGEF junction..Play songs with the most expletives.

12)8:55 AM:- Stuck at CV Raman Nagr junction.

13)9:05 AM:- At office 5 minues late..yup it takes me 35 minutes to get to office on an average!!! and its only 6 KM's..you do the math!

14)9:10 AM:- switch on laptop..it takes ages because of my very special collection of viruses and ad-sites.

15)9:15 Am:- Act busy!! check mail, look at blog updates etc etc

16)9:45 AM:- Start actual work

17)10:30 AM:- ThenRaj(on his way to work) calls me for coffee and we typically end up in cafe day or barrista(bugger has expensive taste!)..Both of us get the same mild cardiac arrest after the bill comes and proceed back.

18)1:5 PM:- ThenRaj calls again and reminds me that we need another cardiac arrest for lunch..so we wind up in Nala(south Indian joint, try their mutton egg chops) or wanleys or our friendly neighbourhood Kerala hotel(good kerala food, try the fish there).

19)1:45 PM:- Back to work..

20)1:46 PM:- All work and no play makes Anoop a dull boy..so its dominoes and chess and pool on yahoo.

21)2:15 PM:- Back to work..no breaks after that.

22)4:30 PM:- ThenRaj calls for tea..I, politely give him the finger and get back to work.

23)7:00 PM:- going home time!!!!

24)7:45 PM:- Home at last!..settle down to watch some TV

25)8:30 PM:- Order/buy dinner for everyone at home..had to kick out our last cook cuz she made "auto" shankar, veerappan etc look like petty thieves!

26)9:30 PM:- Mom calls and reminds me that I have to go to church on sundays( she does this everyday..and yet I forget it on sunday..I must be really selective in my amnesia)

26)10:30 PM:- The night owl's Naveen and Anwin come home. We share ALL our experiences during the day.

27)10:30 PM and 35 sec later, flick thru channels again

28)12:00 PM:- zzzzzzzzzz

Monday, August 22, 2005


Blogbang the gang invites you

Okay, sorry guys I couldn't resist that title.

Anyway, anyone from Bangalore or in Bangalore and with an avid interest in Bangalore as a city can leave a comment for this post and I will invite them to this blog.

Please remember guys this is all about collective work and fun. Yes, we could have lots of fun as a big group, meet new people and do something worthwhile for the City, Every man's City, Bangalore. So it is much appreciated if stories and poems are avoided, unless of course they contain a message contributing to the general idea and aim of this blog "BANGALORE.

And we love you all.

Friday, August 19, 2005


And Miles To Go...

Thenraj had this comment to one of the previous posts. This is something I've been thinking about as well.

Thenraj said...

Hi guys!

Hope everybody is fine:)

In our last meet we had a serious discussion about the information site (Website).
We are only in the early stages. how we are goin to develop this in to an effiecent one? How to contact the moderators only thru this blog r groups is there any other way? And miles to go....

How do we coordinate and get ahead with what we want to do as a group? We had discussed designing this site to be a one-stop source for news and info about Bangalore, not just those taken from newspapers, but things that are in our personal experience as well.

In addition, about doing something for Bangalore, my initial thought is that we could band together and do some work with children's groups. If there is enough interest in the group, may be we can even split into different groups to work on various issues. This blog could serve as a beautiful way of centralized coordinating.

Anwin, may be we could have a poll like you did for the shoutbox thing.

Please comment folks.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Can't get photos up

Hey guys,

I'm trying to put the photos of the blog meet up, but with no success. Hope to have them on by the end of the day.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Shoutbox poll


Bangalore Bloggers' Meet

We came, we saw, we drank (only coffee and tea, alas!), we ate, we gabbed, we shouted over each other's voices, we exchanged our names and our blogs and the scoop on what we did in "real" life. Sometimes a spark of recognition ("yeah, I've read your stuff"), other times a few blank stares, but close to three hours later, we had to force ourselves to leave with everyone still talking and making plans at the top of their voices. I tell you, one thing the group did not lack was lung power. Remind me to take some ear plugs next time.

Mandar was the first one in, waiting patiently at a table for two with a handwritten note scribbled on a teeny-weeny napkin slung over one of those table placards at Sweet Chariot. I walked in and out a couple of times, not sure if this was the right place, so I called Mandar on his cell. He had spotted me going in and out. Of course, how could he miss me with my striking yellow kurta?

I walked back in and he pointed me to his 4"x4" banner which, unless I stared at him and his table rudely for a very long time, I would never have spotted. We got some coffee and fries, and while we waited for the others (we were expecting at least two more to turn up) Mandar enlightened me about his doctoral thesis on "web structures" and patiently answered my questions. You go Mandar!

KVK turned up next and brought with him a downpour and we resigned ourselves to the three of us making up the I-day Bloggers of Bangalore Bash. As if on cue, Vignesh called to say he was lost but on his way. Shrabonti and Arka showed up in an auto drenched from the top down. Mighty impressed with their commitment to the cause, I must say. Each time someone new came in, we would start the intros all around, convinced that no one else was going to turn up, but every 10 minutes or so, someone new would. Next came Anoop, Thenraj and Anwin, then Vignesh with Angeline and Lalit, followed by Sunayana and finally, Bhaskar.

So, there we were, thirteen (!) of us around three tables joined together on the first floor of the cake shop. It was a spacious room with a couple of comfy looking sofas in the far corner, at least 20 tables spread out across the rest of the room, and completely empty save for one pink birthday cake decorated with Barbie dressed as a princess (left outside in plain sight, but unfortunately out of our reach).

KVK was most bothered by the cake. Why was it there? Was there no one to claim it? He had even noticed the name on the cake - Katyayani. We pondered the name and the age of the birthday girl (such a classical name, for a young girl?) but our musings were cut short by the music system blasting Macarena so thoughtfully turned on for our listening pleasure by our waiter. With the decibel levels of our conversation steadily rising, we barely could hear each other speak, so we hollered over to the waiter to turn it off.

As each new person came in, the ones already around the table would scoot over and by the time everyone came, I found myself in a corner, with my back to the wall and with no means of escape!

After the introductions and a lot of cross-talk, the discussion finally came around to "What should we do, what can we do as a group? Should we use our collective blogging power for something meaningful (such as being a repository for useful information about Bangalore)?" Suggestions started flying around thick and fast. Anwin, Mandar and Arka desperately tried to monitor the decibel levels as well as the suggestions for punchlines and blog names (which included, among other things, nammooru, kothambri, menasinakaayi, oggrenne - all cooking related suggestions coming from me and greeted with incredulous looks from the rest).

Finally, we settled on http://everymanscity.blogspot.com/ for the name of our blog and Swalpa Adjust Maadi for our punchline. Will someone please remind me whose bright ideas these were? It would be nice to acknowledge them. I think Bhaskar, KVK and Arka came up with the good ones. Everyone was happy, except for Arka who was happy with the titles, but couldn't get over the fact that everymanscity would not have an apostrophe in the url.

Oh, and before I end this piece, all this was preceded by intense discussions about: i) what Shrabonti and Thenraj mean and their equivalents in other languages; ii) exactly what Sunayana's job description is (for the record, it is managing her company's intranet) and why we, the outsiders, cannot access the aforementioned intranet; iii) why Lalith named his blog sickle cell ("Whyiiii da?" was my reaction); iv) the things KVK had in common with (a) Mandar, (b) Shrabonti, and (c) Arka; v) why Vignesh had a grouse with at least three members of the group (he then had a grouse with me of course because I pointed it out to him); vi) whether Angeline's college looked like a five-star hotel; vii) why Anoop's firm had held up some important process over at Vignesh's (nodi swami, naavu irodu heegay, was Anoop's response); and viii) why Shrabonti did not show up in a tri-color mini skirt.

Thenraj, Bhaskar, Anwin, Anoop and Mandar also discussed the technicalities of banners and htmls and web hosts and bandwidth, which I am thankful to report, went clean over my head. A motely crew if ever there was one, this Bloggers of Bangalore, but a lovely group I must say.


1. If I've misspelt anyone's name, sorry, and please tell me.

2. Pics going up as soon as I figure out my camera.

3. KVK writes on Caferati and Shakespeare & Company (as James Joyce or Speckled Band)

Crossposted on Blogpourri.

Update: Photos

Our bill at the end of the three hours

Vignesh making a point. Next to him Angeline, Lalit and Bhaskar.
Across from him, Anoop.

Mandar and Anwin responding to Arka (not in pic).
Shrabonti and Sunayana trying to figure out who to listen to.

KVK flips through a novel I was reading during one of the few lulls in our conversation
as we ordered our coffees and stuff

Anwin explaining something as Anoop, Sunayana and Shrabonti listen

In the middle of all the action, the smokers took off for a smoking break
leaving us non-smokers (except Sunayana, that is) to bond. Sunayana did not go
because she did not have her special Indonesian brand with her that day.
Arka, far left, Sunayana, Bhaskar, Lalit and Angeline.

Thenraj, sorry, the one pic you were in is pretty dark.

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