Monday, August 29, 2005



Everyman's City

LIFE-What does it mean?? Is it the way that every human being in this world is living or want to live??

I got a SMS some time back and i want to share it..

"Somebody once asked GOD ,What suprises you most about mankind?.God replied.. they lose their health to make money and then lose their money to restore their health. By thinking anxiously about the future they forgot the present..such that they live neither for the present nor for the future."

Every human being in this world especialy indians are going through different stages whether they want or not like.

Here i am going to tell how a male transformed through out his life.

When the child is born till he complete his college life he has to live according to the likes and dislikes of his parents.(say 0.1 to 21yrs).

Next stage is the bacheorhood:When he finishes his studies he has to choose his livings whether he wants or not.that means job.So at this point of time only a man started to think about his own life. When he started to live for himself there will lot of distractions either in the form of siblings who want his attention over them or girlfriend who occupies his whole time for her entertainment.So here again a person is not able to live for himself.

Next stage Marriage: Between 25-30 yrs of age almost every person in india is tend to tie with a girl either of his choice r by parents (simply termed as attempt sucide or planned murder).After this he has to life for the others like wife and children.

He realise and find the true life when he is in the second childhood at that point of time he can not decide abything by himself.

PS: Am also a victim for this cycle of life.

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