Friday, August 19, 2005


And Miles To Go...

Thenraj had this comment to one of the previous posts. This is something I've been thinking about as well.

Thenraj said...

Hi guys!

Hope everybody is fine:)

In our last meet we had a serious discussion about the information site (Website).
We are only in the early stages. how we are goin to develop this in to an effiecent one? How to contact the moderators only thru this blog r groups is there any other way? And miles to go....

How do we coordinate and get ahead with what we want to do as a group? We had discussed designing this site to be a one-stop source for news and info about Bangalore, not just those taken from newspapers, but things that are in our personal experience as well.

In addition, about doing something for Bangalore, my initial thought is that we could band together and do some work with children's groups. If there is enough interest in the group, may be we can even split into different groups to work on various issues. This blog could serve as a beautiful way of centralized coordinating.

Anwin, may be we could have a poll like you did for the shoutbox thing.

Please comment folks.

sujata, that's a good point u made about working with children's groups.

this weekend, i am going to spend a few hours with kids from an orphanage. we are all gonna watch some movie, have lunch, etc. at my institute. may be we can undertake such activities. what say?

i will come up with a post about my experiences with the kids on monday.
Mandar, that would be great. Look forward to your post.
Mandar, I also wanted to ask about all the bloggers that are sending e-mails to blogbang with their blog addresses - do they know about this blog?
Could we fight for eliminating corruption in the various governmnet offices? For example, RTO and BDA.
sujatha, sadly i could not meet those kids yesterday. :(
but surely, some time soon. :)
and i am not sure everyone on the group knows about this blog. can u plz write a mail to the group about this?

vinaya, thats a noble idea. the question is - how?

I sent an e-mail a couple of days about giving everyone in the group our blog's web address and asking them to leave their comments on this post.


I agree with Mandar that this is a noble idea and I would echo his question. Welcome your ideas on that.
Hey people,

Sorry for the very very late reply. Just got caught in the weekend fever and all that jazz.

Anyway, I say we include all the people who care and want to join this blog. A simple comment and an email id should do. I'll send out the invitations. Please put in a comment in the next post.
Good call for all
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