Friday, August 18, 2006


We hate India

Now that I've got your attention!!!

Wabbster brought this "community" in Orkut that's labelled, yes you've guessed it, We Hate India to my knowledge when I was as usual wasting my time on the Internet. . All those on Orkut please go and take a look and all those who are not may consider joining for a peek. Contrary to popular opinions, I didn't get angry or upset. But it sure tickled me no end. I was literally on the floor, laughing and holding on to my stomach for dear life.

That was a very wierd reaction, I know.

But thinking about it, I thought, yeah, cool. I am right. Its a pathetic, even if its bold, attempt at spite. And what got me on the floor again, and more than a little concerned, I am afraid, was the scrap book of the "H/ZERO" who had created the post. It was full of expletives and such against this person.

Introspection brought me back to my feet (from the floor, I mean). Is it worth shouting at somebody in such language (although I do it most of the time, hypocrite)? I mean aren't we wasting our time and energy against something that doesn't matter in the long run? It's just somebody's misguided enthusiasm or spite that brought out this "community". Wouldn't we be fighting or protesting even better and maturedly if we ignore it completely?

I must say that I am almost completely in agreement with Wabbster's take on this commmunity and the mail he received from a "Dave".


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mmm well true it does not matter a bit. Infact i have got it so many times that i wish there is a filter on Orkut messages by subject.:-D
But seriously i think if i had forwarded it first when i got i might have got this over..
true......its just for and forget...i mean, how many of us have ever done ANYTHING to really say that we love this country....and in Orkut, anyone can start a community....i mean, if you hate this community so much, start one that says - "I hate communitists (sic) who start communities that says we hate Indians"....hmm, if it really is a satirical one, even I may join in.....
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@deaths head roy

It is hardly satirical. It is anything but sensible. Although a couple of posts by an Indian are very good, its pure spite otherwise.
Shocking!!..i hate the community
Yeah ! I do hate India. As it has no laws to knock down pricks like You.

Shame on urself.
I personally hate indians for the following reasons. See below:

1. The are usually very dirty
2. They have smelly food
3. they have no concept of YES NO, they simply tilt the head and go on doing something wrong
4. they can not be trusted, as soon as you turn your back, they try to abuse you
5. they are TOO MANY. What about other communities?
6. The worst of the wrost in my opinion are Malbaries. They are unbelievable.

I live in Dubai and I don't know ONE person that like indians

Many thanks.
English Community of Dubai
You bargain at a Internet Caf� and Malls too?
What are you, Cave man’s?
I’m an internet operator from Bali Island
It's just happen yesterday, 4 people from India, father, mother, daughter and son, came to the internet, asking for prize, and i tell them that it was always Rp.6000,- for 30 minutes and they bargain with me for Rp. 3000,- this time i sense, some trouble coming. I told them the internet was slow. Still pushing to used.
I told her it wasn't my own, Internet Cafe i just working here, but look's like they don't care.
And they still pushing to used internet. Because they finally agree with this fixed prize.Just to used first.
The father used it, and then the mother. I leave them for a while, but her daughter, Tanya v (how i can know her name? The billing coming from another computer and the name of the user is Tanya v.
She (the mother) ask with a cheaper prize again she said its slow.
"I told you the internet was slow but you still want to use, and now you still bargain with me? Go to the market and buy fish to bargain, this is not the place
"Of course, i always bargain, any where i barg! and it's not ilegal"
(Sure but this is show them who you are)
"Sure do bargain at the Malls too and people will laugh at you, you and your family are trouble for me"
The daughter is stealing using internet, at the bill come up and the mother refused to pay the other billing. They are so cheating.
I was angry that i notice their origin. i was wrong. But i did call them a liar, is that mothers teaching their children to liar? my goodness.. if you have money to go to Bali island for holiday, 6000 rupiah Is six cents for US$ for haft an hour internet it's not big too big.
Other day came up, and 3 Indian mans come up. The first man straighly sitting on the my paying table. And 2 asking for hotspot. Is your mother teach you to sit on other people table too? You just have no manner.
If you aren’t welcome with tourist at your country, at my Internet Café you are all banned with my bos. My bos allow me not to accept you guys.
Why do you guy look rich but always un educated?
If you gone away to another country, you will bring your country name as your badge where ever you go, right? Indians?
its hard to agree with ur philosophy
and its difficult to understand what u mean
Its hard to understand your position. Which side do you support? If none then what made you open this post?

Indians are most ignorant, uneducated, filthy, ungrateful bunch of people, who come from a corrupted loophole.

You just dont see your blunders. And that's funny. Stop correcting yourselves and we'll get more reasons to hate you.
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