Sunday, September 04, 2005


ATMs & Akkirotti

This being my first post on this blog, it has to be something about namma bengaluru! And for a foodie like me, nothing better than to wax eloquent about grub!

By day a simple, nondescript ATM, up the stairs and right next to the entrance to the Bank. But by night, a haven for the hungry. As the darkness falls and the stars twinkle on, the stairs to this ATM transforms into an alfresco dining experience, fronted by a trestle table and a portable hot-plate-style stove. And what does one dine on here? Rottis and dosas and idlis and omlettes. But the show stealer is the Rotti (no, I haven't mis-spelt 'roti'...I mean the famous down-south rotti!) every form...akkirotti, raagirotti, jholadarotti...**drool drool**!

You come, you ask, you get served steaming hot rottis with a variety of chutneys, you munch and then you swoon with delight. Then you get up and do it all over again...this is the true finger-licking-good experience.

And where this magical Akkirotti ATM be? Mission Road, before the flyover...smack in front of Canara Bank (or mebbe it's SBI...I have always been too busy eating to notice!), opposite Ad Labs or some such photo joint. Rottis on offer only in the evenings and the best times be from 7-9pm.

Don't just take my word for it...go and try it out for yourselves!

Akkirotti,mmm,mmm,mmm, can't get any more nammooru than that! Will definitely check it out!
yeah me too. only problem is I have to find out where mission road is. hehehe
Aiyiyiyiya! Mission road be the one that runs down from the Lalbagh gate, in front of MTR. But an easier approach is from Richmond circle, as that is closest to the Akkirotti side.

Anyone else who can paint a clearer picture, pls do so!
mail me @ and do delete this comment afterward!
Akki rotti.. hmmm.... *drool*.

- Swaroop
Taz...I might be in Chennai but man, I make sure that akki roti is made every now and then at home. BTW, ever tried a mix of chilli powder, salt and ground garlic in oil an accompaniment to akki roti?
Spoken like a true Chennai-karen, Ravi! That combo is yum with just about anything....well, maybe not with Death-by-Chocolate, but you get the picture! :oD
no fair bringing DBC into this... that completely unbalances the equation, u see!
Vee, nothing about DBC is fair :o)
hey wanted to do something like this myself but never went beyond taking some pictures - great layout and representation of the habba! another cool place for akki rottis and afaik one of the main guys who restarted making it a generic trend is Halli Mane (in Malleswaram near Malleswaram Circle) - it has a very cool halli ambience - and also has a nice balcony to eat in called chintakara chaavadi.

(happened to e-meander into this blog today... nice one :-) )
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