Sunday, September 11, 2005


Beyond Blogging: Volunteering at Akshara Foundation

One of the things we had discussed at the last Bangalore Blogger's meet was doing something together as a group with children. Many of you may have already heard of the good work that Akshara Foundation is doing for the children of our city. If you haven't, please take a look at their website.

I talk to them today about volunteering at the foundation for a couple of hours every week, reading to the children, helping with school work, playing with them and so on. The volunteer coordinator there asked me to put together an e-mail about what we would be interested in doing with the children, when we would be available during the week or weekends, for how long, etc.

I am hoping that we can go together as a group for a few hours every weekend or every other weekend, depending on Akshara's needs. If you are interested, please leave a comment to this post with details of your availability. I am really looking forward to working with the children and getting to know you beyond your blogs.

Just one question - would language be an issue ? Like since I don't know Kannada and all that...
I would be happy to help ; am however only in town a couple weekends in a month, so will need to coordinate with when Akshara would need us to be there. Please to be also outlining what we would offer to help with.
Vignesh: I should not think so. We could do geography or english language in English. I'm sure we can come up with something. Please could you let me know your hours of availability?

Taz snow: Fantabulous! Yes, we can coordinate with Akshara about when we can go there. About the things we can help with, I'm thinking reading to the kids stories, poems and such or just talking to them about what's going on in the world, one country at a time. But really all of this depends on Akshara's needs and when and for how long we're all available. I'll send an e-mail to them within the next couple of days.
I am cool, but only on sundays pls...
yes, it would be great to work with akshara. i am (generally) free on weekends too.
Yeah, I would love to spend time with Akshara kids... but as others said, I also dont know Kannada!
that sounds good sujatha.We can look at engaging these kids in theatre,story telling
FC, Pravesh, Mandar, Samudraa, fantastic! I'll check in with Akshara and put up the details here. Thank you all for responding.
Count me in.
If it requires teaching computers and stuff... count me in.
Very much interested, am free most weekdays after 6 in the evening. I work Saturdays but Sundays I can definitely put in a couple of hours. Please let me know through e-mail.

I am in
The Blogbang is a damn strong group of 200 people. Yes people, we are 200 now. So even 5% should get you 10 people for Akshara volutneer work. Do keep us posted projected dates and stuff. We'll all pitch in.

200??? 200!!!

We should have a running list of the members posted up somewhere...names, blog URLs...
hi anwin, i just checked our members list. we are 81 right now.
oops...sorry. saw some number somewhere and assumed the
Just inform me a bit earlier so that i can adjust my other commitments.. Thank you.
Count me in..i've been scouting for similar opportunities to volunteer and would be glad to take time out over the weekends for the cause.
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