Monday, September 19, 2005


Bloggers Meet - September

Since we are having problems with the day, here goes a simple poll to choose the day. Please click only once to select a day and give your vote.

Ver' smart bro! Voted and done....once we conclude on which day of the weekend the meet should be held on, we should fix up something on the lines of 3rd weekend of every month or the such like!
we can do that. but the last time we met we made a decision not to formalise things. Atleast for now...So lets bring it up at the next bloggers meet and then decide.

what say you?
Yea, this time we must bring up this and fix a day or date, like Taz said, third weekend or whatever...
I think I might have to call off the meet this weekend. I haven't heard from the people who have started this blog. It is important that we all meet at the same time and not in pockets and bunches. We will have a meeting next week, unless we have more enthusiastic response...
hi guys,
i am sorry, i may not be able to make it to this weekend's meet. :(
u guys have a great time.
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Sorry, have been offline for a week or so, so no idea what happened with the meet.

Will it make sense to put up a date and have people vote Yes or No against it? And then go with the majority!
me no idea either
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