Wednesday, September 28, 2005


It raineth, It poureth...

...and Bangalore floateth. Beats me why its raining this hard (no, I don't listen to the weather analysis, and I don't work at the meteorological department!) but what with today's Bharat Bundh keeping the kids and most autos off the roads, atleast office-goers mercifully have a whole lot less havoc to navigate through!

Pull on your flippers, Bangalore, the drains have just invaded the roads. Yeeesh.

Its not only bangalore but its the bane all over India. There aren't many towns or cities without this problem. The cities aren't planned but they just grow. That is our basic problem...
Amen...and what is probably sadder is that most people know what the problems are, but the Powers That Be have no solutions (that work!)
Tell me about it.. I got from ITPL to Bull Temple Road in an hour, 6PM-7PM. I was shocked. Stunned even !!

Unheard of achievement, bro!
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