Monday, October 10, 2005


Beyond Blogging: Volunteering at Akshara Foundation II

I spoke to Col. Murthy Rajan of Akshara Foundation regarding Bangalore Bloggers' interest in volunteering there.

He was very excited to hear from us and gave me the details of a huge project they are undertaking in association with the Karnataka State Education Department. This is a long-term project whose aim is to improve reading and math skills in about 1,30,000 (1 lakh 30 thousand) primary school children all over the city.

Akshara will need help in gathering, tabulating and analysing data pertaining to these children, documenting the whole process, in addition to actually working with the children on their reading and math. The data gathering process will start over the next few weeks and will culminate in June-August of 2006 when the children will go through Akshara's lesson plans.

He agreed that we could do most of the work on the weekends. I've set up a meeting with Col. Rajan on October 22nd (Saturday) to get all the details and work out the logistics of how we can make this work.

This sounds like a great project for our group. Not only will we be contributing time and talent where it's needed, but we will also have the satisfaction of seeing something through from start to finish.

More details within the next couple of weeks!

Update: The meeting did not take place as planned because of a conference Col. Rajan had to attend over the weekend (I was rather glad because I was in no state to make it). We've rescheduled it to next Saturday, October 29th. I'll keep you updated as and when there is something to report. Thanks!

I would like to follow this closely. Will await to hear more about this and see in what way I can contribute for the kids.
great job, sujatha! :)

do keep us posted on this...
wow..seems to be interesting. Keep us updated.
Count me in...will wait for your update!
This is great!
Would love to help.
Good initiative. Let's take this gradually forward
Keep up the good work Sujatha.
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