Friday, October 07, 2005


My scrapbook of Bangalore

I see Life as a series of "freeze-frames" that capture a piece of time, and add definition to the picture of our own lives. From the entire stack, that comprise my own passage through time, here are a few that, for me, define the experience that is Bangalore. Some of these, sadly, remain only a memory today, having given in to the fast pace of change: you would have probably figured out, by now, Food plays a huge role in the memories I make :o)

Very good list Taz! Hasta manana!
Good one!
loved the post!!! missing bangalore!!!!
Sujatha, Jax, Shub : TY! TY! Come, join the fun...I invite you to add similar such 'Bangalore Moments' to this list...
My destiny is, I guess, to miss Bloggers' meets.
nice post! makes me feel good that i'm gonna spend a couple of days in the garden city in november. this will be my first trip there :)
Hey, most of them would be on my list too..the chur muri near plaza after 10 pm..have done exactly the same thing..and the leisurely walks on M G Road, well, have done that even at 1.00 in the morning, during night shift. hmm..think I should compile one list too!! :))
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