Saturday, November 26, 2005


Bangalore : From City to Cant.!

On one of my recent trips, whiles browsing through the Airport bookstore (this is RELIGION! :o) ), a book titled 'Peter Colaco's Bangalore' caught my eye.

Now, I am not one usually given to reading Travelogues / Guides for Tourists / Factsy-Figuresy City Guides, unless I am actually going someplace new, but something about this looked different. And how!

Peter Colaco is an old Bangalore man, born here in 1945, and, among other things, a writer, columnist, visiting prof at IIM(B) and ex-head of an advertising agency. 'Peter Colaco's Bangalore' is just that...Peter Colaco's Bangalore ; the Bangalore he knew growing up, and the Bangalore he learnt about from his grandparents and from his research, and the Bangalore a lot of us know only in urban legend!

Whether you are new to Bangalore, or have been a part of the landscape for ages, pick up this book, retire to a quiet corner in the garden, and start a heart-warming journey into a Bangalore that used to be, not too long ago.

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Hi Swaroop,
Your blog about book store at Bangalore airport reminded me of an incident that I so vividly remember. It is a digression to what you wrote in your blog, but here it is as I want to share my experience with AIRPORT BOOKSTORES !!

I am not a book reader, but just before i embarked my journey from Bangalore International airport, I got to see a book called Holy Cow: An Indian adventure (by Sarah McDonald). There were two versions of the book - 1 : Had cover page of Lord Shiva
2 : Had cover page of a mutilated image of Lord Shiva with Jazzy pink sun glasses.

You can search the pervasive google to see the cover page of this book.

This time round, IT IS ABOUT Religion. It ticked me off the wrong way - and For RIGHT REASONS. I am a follower of Hinduism and pray to Lord Shiva very ardently for he gives me the strength to persevere and attempt to lead a simple and honest life.
I confronted the store owner and told him that in a nation like India - where majority worship Shiva, its is insensitive to keep copies of the 2nd jazzy (sick) version of the book, to my surprise the guy defended his stand and for obvious reasons for him being a Chrisitian Mallu ( Was easy to figure through his personal belongings out there ).

My next agenda is to be a painter - perhaps someone can help me in my pursuit to paint entertaining images. I want to paint Jesus in hawain shorts and a tatoo. Guess what, the first copy of that painting would be a gift to the book store owner at Bangalore - FREE FOR him as he is my inspiration to think out of the Box...oops out of the religion !!
This is a secular country - religion doesn't matter right !!
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