Tuesday, November 29, 2005



"Crawling" is what you do on Hosur road (for that matter, Bangalore roads);and since a lot of them are doing it in tandem, it is "parallel crawling"! Further, since a lot of people are crawling different parts of Bangalore roads, it is "distributed" as well!

(Jargon not intended, just inevitable :))

well, quicker than crawling on Mumbai roads! But yeah, we also have trains.
It's amazing to note that in Bangalore it takes about one and a half hours to travel around 15 kilometres. That means the average speed is hardly 10 kms an hour! How pathetic!

Relatively speaking Bangalore is quite a small city, but its the time delay that makes us think it is a huge city, because it takes so long to go to any place...
In comparison, you can get to most points in Mumbai within 40 - 60 mins!
You probably live in the wrong side of Bangalore. The place where all the freaks oops geeks are herded together.

If you get out of the Koramangala and Hosur Rd belt things are not that bad. But it could be better.

And I think BMTC has improved a 100 fold. I think their daily pass system is fabulous. But then I dont expect you guys to take public transport. So you can continue to suffer.
In Mumbai you have MRT through trains. Road traffic is reduced.
I agree that the traffic situation is better in the 'non IT' parts of Bangalore, and also that public trasnport is not as bad as it is projected to be. However, it's high time we had MRT.
actually crawling is an overstatement ... i mean the traffic is completely standstill at most times :D

just read in a mag that the average speed of traffic in Blore is 12-16 Km/hr in Bangalore :S
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