Saturday, December 03, 2005


Akshara Volunteer Meeting

Bhaskar, Akash, Surjo, Mandar, Kelly and I had a useful meeting with Col. Rajan and Mr. Ravi Kumar of Akshara Foundation yesterday. More about the meeting and its outcome in a short while.

Those who wanted to come but were unable to, don't despair, there'll be plenty of opportunity to catch up and be involved.

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I really appreciate, Sujatha, the efforts you are making. And I quite regret that I'm not able to be part of this as much as I would like to. I work in the evenings, and with extremely tight work schedules, it's extremely difficult to get an off. But I am carefully following the project initiative. And, shall be willing to help in whichever way possible.
You're quite welcome Pradeep. The good part about not having time is that with this project, you can just pop in at designated locations whenever you have time. So don't worry and thank you for offering to help.
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