Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Dateline Bangalore

Over the last decade Bangalore -- the once laid-back, quiet, green city -- has been on the throes of change. The speed at which the capital of Karnataka has metamorphosed has stumped everyone; it has been like a teenager outgrowing her clothes.

Being in Bangalore is a mixture of emotions: for some it's the excitement of being transported from a small town to a glitzy fast-paced city; for others it's the pangs of insensitive affluence trampling over human sensibilities; the pleasure and pain a city's shift from anonymity to global stage. They are best captured in the accounts of those who experience them.

Dateline Bangalore hopes to be a collage of those accounts.

Bangalore's always been one of my favorite cities. Its like, I stay at Hyderabad and LIVE in Bangalore. But I guess the guys running the show these days seem to be screwing up the whole city. On one hand its growing at a fast pace and on the other, they're busy trying to figure out weird names for long pending projects and the city itself!!! But no matter what, Bangalore Inc is too good to be stopped by any of those goofballs.
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